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RonBryn Response to His Ex Being Named In Bullyville Lawsuit

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - March 18, 2014

Ron Brynaert is known for his Twitter rants. Here he's upset after learning his ex-girlfriend, Lane Lipton, was named in the Bullyville lawsuit. 

Jay Leiderman "also has a close association to Rauhauser. They like the same things, tweet to each other, and attack opponents together."

My ex-gf has no history of being obscene on internet or IRL but Jay Leiderman's ex-pal Neal Rauhauser does, why does BS lawsuit defame her?

Proof that Leiderman and McGibney are committing fraud in lawsuit is claim with no proof my ex-gf makes more vile tweets as OccupyRebellion

Please delete the RT of bullshit lawsuit Leiderman filed against my ex-gf based on ZAPEM trolls' disinfo @Anon2Earth @YourAnonNews @Anonyops

This is a thuggish lawsuit aiming for a default judgment. My ex-gf lives across the country and has no money for a lawyer. You're scum, Jay.

You and @OsborneInk don't give a shit about @LaneLipton. You spend all your time shilling for Kimberlin & cyberthug Schmalfeldt @AuntieTroll

& @Qritiq never said anything bad about @Liberty_Chick. She respects female journos & bloggers, unlike cyberthug OccupyRebellion @Stranahan

Leiderman & McGibney are the ones tied to hackers & foul mouthed trolls. @Qritiq wouldn't use c-word & make awful rape threats @stranahan

Please say something about this bullshit lawsuit @Stranahan. I defend your loved ones when smeared. You know @Qritiq isn't OccupyRebellion!

I doubt my ex-gf ever used VPN. She didn't even have web account in 2012! And @DMatthewStewart faildoxed me as that IP in 2012, not her!

I don't even recall my ex-gf cursing on either twitter account or her blog. Is this just retaliation against me for reporting on you, Jay?

I dated @Qritiq for 9 months. She barely cursed and never was "overtly vicious and out of control." Your lawsuit is full of slander, Jay.

My ex-gf doesn't even share the same Weinergate theories as Neal Rauhauser or crazy OccupyRebellion and doesn't think Weiner was hacked.

My ex-gf loves the New York Jets and Mets, Blondie, dogs, movies and food, as anyone can tell by reading her twitter accounts and blog.

What "same things" do Rauhauser & my ex-gf like, Jay? She had zero interest in HBGary, left wing politics, Anonymous, OWS or security firms.

I warned u trading tweets with cyberthug Rauhauser and his slimy pals like @OsborneInk may get u dragged into BS conspiracy lawsuit! @Qritiq

Idiotic lawsuit refers to me: "...her ex-boyfriend repetitively states how he dated Lane Lipton." um, that's because you lied about her.

You deserve to be disbarred. @JayLeidermanLaw You are a scoundrel to ignore facts. I hope the FBI is probing your ties to hackers, as well.

I'm the one who fucking outed (NOT DOXED!) @Qritiq as @LaneLipton in summer of 2011, before we hooked up. She never lied about it, either.

It's a lie to call my ex-gf "left-wing". She's a conservative, pro-Zionist Dem. Her Facebook account is full of pics of a trip to Israel.

Trolls connected to ZAPEM and McGibney smeared and harassed my ex-gf, until she responded on Twitter. She was doxed and threatened.

My ex-gf was friendly with @Stranahan and actually took his side against me before we hooked up, until he falsely put her on Team Kimberlin.

Bullshit Leiderman & McGibney lawsuit lies that my ex-gf is @OccupyRebellion & claims she has an "obsession" with "fringe player" @Stranahan

Israel, U.K. sign digital governance pact: "We offer...Israeli innovation & creativity, including in cyber security." …

Its so fun watching them try :-) @ronbryn @CampvsLeiderman

What no woman would ever say to Neal Rauhauser: "Let me see you stripped..." …

I haven't tweeted about @DepecheMode in long time. Seems unlikely JoJo would quote them. I prefer DM after Vince Clarke, Neal @JosephABasko

"Until this very moment", @BV_Truth "never heard of" @Stranahan. I guess Neal's crack research team can't Google or find his blog or Tweets.

I seriously doubt Kimberlin will be defending Rauhauser in California, since Brett seems busy suing the world. Who ya gonna call, Neal?

Since Leiderman has many cases, it's interesting all the parody & jojo accounts are obsessed with McGibney lawsuit. Is Neal panicking?

Typical Rauhauser tactic: Recommend someone Neal hates for more info like @Stranahan, but can't resist taking a shot …

The internet will laugh if McGibney wins default judgment against you, Neal or Neal's troll, when u don't show up in court @CampvsLeiderman

Don't leave us hanger, let us know. lulz ( ohhhh I know, but does the rest of the internet know? ) @ronbryn

I know who it isn't. The lulz was on you. And I'm pretty sure you're either Neal Rauhauser or a troll working with him. @CampvsLeiderman

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