Monday, March 10, 2014

Priest and SDzzz Conversation on Lane Lipton

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - March 10, 2014

Lane Lipton was caught trying to log into the libel blog.

Is Lane Lipton also qritiq? Is she also MAN? What do you guys think? LOL cc: @Bullyville @Captien___O @DawanAllen

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7:36 PM - 9 Mar 2014 · Details

.@SDzzz @Bullyville @Captien___O @DawanAllen MAN LL & qritiq have been quiet busy doing what? —> bv_truths and the WP libel site.

@SDzzz @i9riest @BullyVille @Captien___O Yeah! This has been a nice weekend for news.

@DawanAllen @i9riest @BullyVille @Captien___O I certainly appreciate all the hard work from you guys. :)

@DawanAllen @i9riest @BullyVille @Captien___O Tweets from Storify "Weinergate Rundown" look more interesting now:

@SDzzz @i9riest @BullyVille @Captien___O So weird that Ron had LL as gf but made much ado about hating Neal but also defends Kimberlin.

    @SDzzz @DawanAllen @BullyVille @Captien___O Lane aka @bv_truth has been updating her libel blog

    @i9riest @DawanAllen @BullyVille @Captien___O @BV_Truth Post a link or DM one please? Can't wait to read that...crap.

    @SDzzz @DawanAllen @BullyVille @Captien___O @BV_Truth LOL According to Lane Viaview only makes $55/day in ad revenue? Libel!!!!!!

    @SDzzz @DawanAllen @BullyVille @Captien___O @BV_Truth Breaking news: according to libel site, ViaView earns $55/day in ad revenue. Hahahaha!

    @i9riest @DawanAllen @BullyVille @Captien___O @BV_Truth If not for being so vicious that gang of cyber-creeps would a comedy troupe.

    @SDzzz @DawanAllen @BullyVille @Captien___O @BV_Truth Now that Lane has been identified these ridiculous antics are on their last leg.

    @i9riest @DawanAllen @BullyVille @Captien___O @BV_Truth Longtime in the making!

    .@SDzzz @DawanAllen @BullyVille @Captien___O @BV_Truth Yo BV I did the math based on Lane’s math. I’m prepare to offer you $21k for ViaView.
    9:49 PM - 9 Mar 2014

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