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Eileen Left Takes the High Road?

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - March 06, 2014

EileenLeft states below that she took the high road regarding the UniteBlue and ConnectTheLeft controversy.
Actually she took the low road and the back roads, anything but the high road.

@marciarussoI actually don't belong to UB but so many great people that tweet are UB ppl.The naysayers are the ones who have been nasty to m

@marieann66 ummm, what? I hvn't been nasty to anyone...well unless teabaggers slither out ...but they always slither back

@EileenLeft What are you talking about. #stop Cispa is sending me tweets while blocking me from responding. That nasty!

@marieann66 you were saying I was being nasty to you. I haven't even talked t you about all the crap the owners of UB have pulled
12:08 AM - 23 Apr 2013

@EileenLeft True, you never ever talked to me about the crap you say the owners pulled. But I've had many nasty tweets from others about it

@EileenLeft I was accused of being a Troll for UB. I didn't like that at all!! They continued to tell me I was, I know what I am or I am not

@EileenLeft I don't even know the Greens,so why did someone ask if I defended them last night.I only said & continue to say infighting looks

@EileenLeft infighting looks bad to any new tweeter and it should be settled once and for all. Maybe in court but not on twitter.

@EileenLeft Try to look at it this way. Have empathy for the people who are being told everyday to take sides and we just want to tweet.

@EileenLeft Forgive me because you are not in this category,you've never done this Eileen. But many others have. I'm already bombarded today

@EileenLeft I'm bombarded because I tweeted to Michael about the infighting being out of control. He doesn't get nasty,only makes his case

@marieann66 ignore it all...I'm the one they attacked, the one they stole from, My group of k+ was taken while son was sick...and I ignore

@marieann66 the owners of the group are the problem, the members seriously have NO idea how corrupt the owners are

@EileenLeft I see that you have ignored it. What choices did you have with your son not well. He's the main priority right now.

@EileenLeft Seems like you're the one that was hurt the most and yet ignoring it. Although frustrating to have to ignore it.

Eileen Left™@EileenLeft Apr 23

@marieann66 they pulled shit 'everytime' my son went down over the last year, stole the twitter acct, 6+K followers, and SO much more

Eileen Left™@EileenLeft Apr 23

@marieann66 and then tried trademark infringement. They are funded by a rw PAC and if you have the best of anti-virus on computer, it won't

@marieann66 even let you go to their site, stating that it originates in Brazil. 6+K (6787 last time I saw before theft)were totally unaware

@marieann66 that they were changed over to them from the ConnectTheLeft twitter acct. The list of their corruption and behind the scenes

    @marieann66 crap, lies and attacks is astounding. There are tons of articles out there explaining most of it. But I have taken the high road

    @hapkidogal @eileenleft People need to investigate it for themselves and make their own decision from the facts :)

      @conniejimjoe @eileenleft Exactly. I have stated my feelings about it and left it up to each person.

      @marieann66 any UB member I've spoken with, like me has had no issues of any kind. No one forced us to do anything. I'm on a few lists

        @marieann66 but I I'm also a member. So I see where u would be concerned about being on a list.

        @marieann66 I agree. And as I've said any time I tell naysayers what I've told u I'm blocked. IMO, if its being displayed for all to see

        @marieann66 if its being displayed for all to see then those of us who have a different opinion or experience with the group have every

        @marieann66 have every right to respond, especially when we are all being called GOP trolls. Not all naysayers r like that, but a lot r. PN

        @marieann66 PN being the worst. I think it was a personal matter spun way out of control, I feel for Eileen. She invented a great group

        @marieann66 I joined #ConnectTheLeft at the very beginning and watched it grow. She did a great job and is a nice person. Problem is, we

        @marieann66 problem is we don't know facts from either side. This is the most involved I've gotten in any convo about it so far

        @unemployed_mass it's your side Eileen that knocked my computer totaly out of wack tonight when tweeting Darcy they butt in with insult

        @unemployed_mass these are the kind of people who make people want to run Away from UB naysayers. had one already blocked and other no foll

        @audreylmg I know, I have been pretty much been silently watching. But not any more. It's very frustrating.

        @audreylmg and to be honest, even if this is just a job to Zach green & he makes $$ off of it, what's wrong with that? Especially now a days

        @audreylmg agreed. It's not making their case if there is one that's for sure

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