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Eileen Left and PoliticolNews Connecting The Left? February 27th, 2014

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - March 03, 2014

At the time, nobody realized just how much EileenLeft lied to try and keep her status with ConnectTheLeft intact. She was never vetted, never offered credentials or her qualifications to be The Boss. But she was a pretty good liar. 

For those who know what's happening here...the stress has taken me out of commission for a bit, but I'm here to help Fight The Good Fight!

@npbat Did you see, a couple of day ago a couple of UB'ers started attacking my son again. remember when the left was connected, before UB

@EileenLeft @npbat They've started up again =TeaPartyUB Trolls are back, attacking the left, pretending to be democrats.

@npbat @EileenLeft These RW trolls have access to all accts, personal data, etc. @delbius in charge of security, speak to her.

@Politicolnews I've been told by a person who 'planted' themselves among UB, who says members of UB group are getting lefties suspended too
1:16 PM - 27 Feb 2014

@EileenLeft True, for no reason. Twitter is illegally allowing parody, fake, attack troll accts. Lawsuits are coming.

@Politicolnews oh...really? Please keep me updated on that. There are other lawsuits coming too. We need to keep track and share info

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