Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Denise Romano and dabadooey

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - March 04, 2014
Ms Romano's definition of what constitutes harassment is so incredibly broad I don't know how she manages to have a two way conversation with anyone

...but then two way communication involves listening to the other person and making an effort to comprehend what they're trying to say.

@DeniseRomano She COMPLIMENTED you in that blog post. You're no victim so quit pretending you're one.

. @dabadooey It is harassment to post someone's photo on a blog w/o their permission & to refuse to remove FALSE info about them.

@deniseromano It was NOT harassment of her to post ur pic on her blog. She used pic obtainable online. She wrote COMPLIMENTS about you.

. @dabadooey It IS #harassment to post someone's photo w/o permission. It is also harassment to refuse to remove it & false info when asked.

@deniseromano Anyone who has read the short paragraph @Sdzzz wrote about you in that blog post will realize how much you are over-reacting.

. @dabadooey @SDzzz Anyone who knows anything about harassment law or journalism will know I am not over-reacting.

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