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Debbie Caplan (DebbieCaplanPR) Tells Some More Lies

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - March 08, 2014

Does she think her tweets disappear after she posts them? 

Debbie Caplan claims her tweets have been photoshopped. Nope. They're copied and pasted with the links still active.
This means you can click on the time stamp-this is either hours (2h) or the day's date-and you'll be taken to the Twitter address of the tweet so you can verify if it's real or not. If the Tweet has been deleted, you'll get a notice the page no longer exists. 

Twitter assigns each Tweet a unique ID number which can be used with some 3rd party services or (eventually) the Library of Congress to retrieve the tweet.


Mom of 3 great Kids. Loving Wife to my one & only. Proud Democrat and TRUE Patriot. Sports Publicist for 20-Years Plus. #CTL #p2

Los Angeles

via Debbie Caplan (DebbieCaplanPR) on Twitter.


 Debbie Caplan ‏@DebbieCaplanPR 2h

@expatina Sad, no job, life, love...absolutely nothing in their life. I've gotta go to bed. Catch up tomorrow? @deuce788 @JoeConason

 Debbie Caplan ‏@DebbieCaplanPR 2h

@expatina It's quite insane how badly Crystal is obsessed with you. Many screenshots of you. @deuce788 @JoeConason @Politicolnews @twitter

 Debbie Caplan ‏@DebbieCaplanPR 2h

@tj10101 Just found this oldie. The crazies can't stop themselves, they truly have no life. Gotta hit the hay.

Retweeted by Debbie Caplan
MarkM ‏@nmndad Jun 24

Sorry tweeps. I've been trying to avoid the #UniteBlue drama, but these losers just won't drop it. --> @cihuamexica @SDzzz @LA_Crystal

 Debbie Caplan ‏@DebbieCaplanPR 3h

@expatina That must be reported! Photo shopping fake tweets is actually liable. They've done it to me too. @deuce788 @JoeConason

Retweeted by Debbie Caplan
tazshedevl ‏@tazshedevl 14h

@DebbieCaplanPR glad you liked it. I don't bother with them much, I have better things to do (like fix our govt!) but that's where I stand.

 Debbie Caplan ‏@DebbieCaplanPR 4h

@tj10101 They use screen shots & my last name. It's so cowardly, they attach multiple ppl to the tweet & do it under alias'. #MobMentality

 Debbie Caplan ‏@DebbieCaplanPR 4h

@tj10101 These crazy #Trolls that I #Blocked last Summer still Troll my account & tweet about me. They must have no #Life! Mob mentality!

 Debbie Caplan ‏@DebbieCaplanPR 13h

More proof that #ZachGreen, founder of #UniteBlue was/is a Tea Party Operative. … Pls know I have many #UB friends.

 Debbie Caplan ‏@DebbieCaplanPR 13h

@tj10101 Yes, I have screen shots of Zach Green's working for the #TeaParty #HermanCain, #MichelleBachman & Texas' Gov. 2011-12 @mashable

 Debbie Caplan ‏@DebbieCaplanPR 14h

@tazshedevl When trouble started last Summer, I DM'ed directly with Zach. He lied blatantly, many times. I quit UB & was awfully harassed

 Debbie Caplan ‏@DebbieCaplanPR 14h

@tazshedevl Agreed! Though I do think ppl should know. I joined for awhile, never went for the twibbion.

 Debbie Caplan ‏@DebbieCaplanPR 14h

@tazshedevl Very good read. I just tweeted the link with some more information. Take a look!

 Debbie Caplan ‏@DebbieCaplanPR 14h

#GreatRead about the group founders of #UniteBlue Not mentioned, 140elect Zach Green was/is #TeaParty organizer 2012 …

 Debbie Caplan ‏@DebbieCaplanPR 14h

@belaviam I can't remember who that is. Though I know I do know, what's the name on the account? @tvitin

Retweeted by Debbie Caplan
donald ‏@donaldmarshall7 15h

@MsRock4Ever @ThunderDragon67 @DebbieCaplanPR @EileenLeft there will b more suspend ions with election coming GOP has control of media

 Debbie Caplan ‏@DebbieCaplanPR Feb 26

Mr #VicePrez, @JoeBiden I found it highly disrespectful for you to refer to President #Obama by his first name on @theviewtv Show #Respect

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