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Mr. Neal Rauhauser Meets Mr. Reality by Politaire_A

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - February 09, 2014

This post was written to Neal by a Twitter persona called @Politaire_A

By Politaire:

Behavior online can really be a hyper vision of how badly people will behave, and I have witnessed this phenomenon to an unfortunate degree. I try to keep a distance, and use my own online experience, positive. I have also been a target.  This is not “new” to me. It is not at all special. I don’t view people who go too far, as having some special purpose for “good”. I actually view some of them as feeling like they need to have some kind of “power” they lack elsewhere in life. They become misdirected, and eventually find themselves in a deep, murky sewage swamp. Sometimes they don’t recognize it for what it actually is, until it is too late.

The last notable example was when someone made a credible threat to the Buffalo FBI office. There are certain people who sit on twitter, (and elsewhere), who had been involved in harassing others on twitter, and in their general lives. A long and ongoing attempt just to do this, was witnessed and noted. Creating accounts just to harass others is not lost on the majority of people, but the people or person behind this account had shown a previous tendency to go too far and didn’t seem to care how far. Most sane people would know making a threat anywhere is not wise. Making a threat against Federal and/or Government Office is way too far.  People where watching and kept records. The threat made had a time, date and location.The FBI took that threat and acknowledged it as important. They proceeded accordingly and investigated with the information they had. They made those decisions. Matt Osborne (OsborneInk) and RJ Sterling (adversaerial) were part of that investigation. These two are not “activists”; they play strange games on twitter and elsewhere online. They may tweet, or write something focused for politics, but they spend a lot of their time doing much more “seedy” things that most don’t pick up on. They don’t want you to pick up on it either. (I think of it similar to war games, except they use twitter and other online sources.)They use others to do some of those things as well; often misguiding them, and sometimes letting them take the fall for it. They often go to such lengths that I understand why the FBI paid them a visit, and it seemed very reasonable they were in some way, behind the account that made the threat.

Mr. Rauhauser claims that he was also unfairly targeted in that investigation, here is one of those claims ( The FBI did not go directly to Neal Rauhauser, at least not at first. His name appeared not attached to this threat, at least not until after initial visits were made to Osborne and RJ Sterling. Mr. Rauhauser then started to act strangely by inserting himself into the investigation, and making it about himself. He also started accusing just about anyone on twitter. Apparently, someone gave up Mr. Rauhauser’s name in this investigation. RJ Sterling and Matt Osborne’s also made some strange announcements, including Matt Osborne’s statement that Mr. Rauhauser was “his bitch”.

Neal Rauhauser has been accused of many things, but again – was not originally on the radar for this threat. Neal Rauhauser and his own “associates” did that.

Mr. Rauhauser also did other curious things. One of them was “showing off” about how he could tweet in Arabic. Anyone tweeting in Arabic isn’t a big deal, except it came after his claims of being part of some covert intelligence. Whether or not it was a copy and paste of a translation service (it certainly appeared to be linguistics of translation service), what matters here is that he did that. (Note: he also tweeted the name of Intelligence Co). No one in their right mind would make claims they do the kind of work he says he does, then spend days announcing it in open view.

This is Mr. Rauhauser, and this behavior from him and his “associates” appears to be quite common.  Boasting about doing some kind of  “covert” work is quite stupid from a common sense point of view.  Those who wish to stay associated with him should most certainly be mindful of that fact. Mr.Rauhauser does have a skill set that he could or may have used illegally. I bring this up because Mr. Rauhauser has boasted publicly about doing that as well.

In addition, any organization – be it government or otherwise, employing the use of people like Rauhauser, (or his linked associates), does more damage then good. The behavior of Mr. Rauhauser and these people are a perfect example of why citizens become less trustful. Using those who have clearly showed a huge deficit in judgment is not wise for many reasons. We already see examples of that bad judgment in other circumstances in the media.

A message to Mr. Rauhauser: When you announce to everyone that you have actually used your abilities to hack others, people will be credibly disturbed by this claim. When you make false accusations about innocent people on the Internet, this will make people react negatively towards you. When you boast about being part of some “covert” intelligence, people will not trust you – or the government and/or organization that employ people like you. When you use tools incorrectly, and state you have some important knowledge, people with more knowledge and technical training will look at you as an idiot.

When you and your associates insert yourselves into an investigation, you will be a suspect. When you make claims of lawsuits and gaining financial recovery – all of these things that people have witnessed you do, will come up in that lawsuit.

You also become less employable when you do all of these things.

This is reality Mr. Rauhauser. Good luck with your journey.

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