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JoJo Camp as OpProsecute Pastebin Dec 19th, 2013

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - December 19, 2013

Opprosecute was one of JoJo's strange schemes to arrest the internet. He posted the following on pastebin. He seems to have had a capitalization problem.


BY: A GUEST ON DEC 19TH, 2013  |  SYNTAX: NONE  |  SIZE: 4.87 KB  |  HITS: 2,559  |  EXPIRES: NEVER



The Following Individual's Have Come To Our Attention. We Know Who You Are. We Know That Amoung You Are Rapist, At Least One Killer, Drug Pushers, And Drug Users, Fraudsters, Racist, And The List Goes On... But You See, It Only Take's A Butterfly To Flap It's Wings In Australia To Cause A Hurricane In The Bahamas, And Likewise, It Only Takes One Of You Bitches, To Lead To The Next Until You Are All Arrested, Prosecuted, And Properly Detained. 5hm00p, Meepkittyfuck, VinceInTheBay, BLCKMSSH, AssHurtsMacFlags, WildGoose, Au2, CNYR3ble, And So On, And So On, And So On. All Carefully Proactively Cooperating With The Authorities, In Anticipation Of Receiving A Reduction Of Their Sentences, And To Lesson The Societal Consequences, As A Result Of Their Respective Arrests.

We Appreciate That Agent's Of Law Enforcement Has Infiltrated The Various Internet Crime And Terror Organizations. We Appreciate That They Have Reviewed The Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, IRC, Jabber, Tinychat, And All Other Social Network Forums, And Means Of Communications, And Documented Everything Of Note With Respect To These Organizations. We Appreciate That They Have Tirelessly Participated In Your Silly BlogTalkRadiom And SpeakerBox Chatroos. We Appreciate That The Internet Is About To Be Cleansed For Good, Of Internet Scum Like Each Of You.

When You Are Faced With The Prisoner's Dilemma We Are Asking You To Save Your Hide, Snitch Of Each Other, And Do So As Quickly As Possible, Otherwise You Will Be Facing Many Years In Federal Prison Under The Current Conspiracy And Computer Fraud And Abuse Act Laws.

Many Of You Are Already Cooperating In Some Form Or Another Against One Another, And For That We Too Appreciate Your Work. As A Human Race, We Can No Longer Stand By And Watch As This Terror Spreads Through-Out The Internet Causing Pain, And Torture, Mental, Physical, And Spiritual, On So Many Innocent Individuals.

We Ask That You Read The Federal Rules Of Criminal Procedure's Dealing With Cooperating Witnesses, Specifically Section 5.k.1 Providing "Substantial Assistance". This Rule Is The Only Manner In Which You Can Avoid A Mandatory Sentence In The Federal Courts. Remember That You MUST Cooperate To Be Able To Reduce Your Sentence, And You Must Do So Immediately Upon Arrest, Or, You Can Give Up Your Role In The Conspiracy, By Turning Over Your Material To The Authorities Without Their Asking -Including Accounts, Logs, Hard-Drive Mirrors, Passwords, Names, Phone Numbers, Etc. -Such Technique Wins Major Favor With A Sentencing Judge Under The "Acceptance Of Responsibility" Rules Governing The Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

In Conclusion, Before We Get To The List, We Ask Each Of Your To Remember That It Only Take's One Of You To Cooperate, And The Rest Will Fall, Slow And Steadily. Do You Want To Be The Last Man Standing On The Troll Count, While Everyone Else Has Provided Enough Information That Agents Of Law Enforcement No Longer Need Your Help? Do You Want TO Go To Prison For Years For Defending A Few Trolls Who You Barely, If Ever, Associate With In Real Life?

You Can Find All The Information About Providing Anonymous Tips To The Alphabet Boyz At:

Use It, Because At Least One Of You Will, And You Don't Want To Be Late For The Party.

Without Further Ado, It's Time To Put Shoes On The Socks.















































@JustSikko (RANDY)





























Some Individuals Were Not Included On This List, Others Were Added For Good Measure, So That You Will Not Find Any Other Pattern, Except Our Desire For Them To Provide The Only Help To Themselves That They Will Get By Speaking Quickly With An Agent Of Law Enforcement.

With Proper Respects...

We Speak Truth When We Say That Either, One, Two, Three, Four, Or All Of Us Below Created This Paste:

<3 @AnonsAgainstYAN <|> @YourAnonCentral <|> @YourAnonNews <|> @LegionOptics <|> @OneToughCarrot <|> E>

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