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Distancing Has Begun, Nov 1, 2012 from Deleted Neal Rauhauser Blog

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - November 01, 2013

This post is from Neal Rauhauser's blog, posted November 1, 2012. It is, of course, deleted

Distancing Has Begun
by Neal Rauhauser

Remember W.J.J. Hoge, Freeper Troll? This guy blabbers on and on about me and Brett Kimberlin … except for this short piece.

On Halloween, Breitbart Unmasked rose up zombie-like and sent me a series of tweets. Their contents were utter rubbish, but because of some assertion made in them, I’d like to specifically describe my relationships with some of the good guys involved in the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuits.

Aaron Walker. I have no business relationship with Aaron Walker. I first met him when I attended the 5 July Kimberlin v. Walker peace order trial. We have since become friends. (I believe I attended this particular hearing, his face is vaguely familiar.)

Dan Backer. I met Mr. Backer when I attended the 5 October hearing in Manassas. That was the hearing at which TDPK unsuccessfully sought sanctions against Mr. Backer. Other than finding out that he reads this blog and enjoys the astronomy pictures I sometimes post, the only relationship I have with Mr. Backer is that he is an occasional source of information about the lawsuits. He is a stickler for following the court’s instructions and the Virginia Supreme Court Rules, so I receive little information from him other than confirmation that documents have been filed. I have to retrieve them for myself.

Bloggers Defense Team. My only relationship to the Bloggers Defense Team is as a contributor who encourages others to contribute. I just donated again this morning. If you would like to support their work defending our First Amendment rights, go here and hit the Donate button.

I’d also like to tell you how much money I make off this blog. None. There are no ads or donations/subscription buttons. I’m not selling anything. This blog is probably best described as a hobby.

Thanks for stopping by.

Hoge’s tag is this:
Never pick a fight with a man who buys pixels by the petabyte

This seems, at least to me, to be an awfully cocky position for an old Freeper troll using our network …

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