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Twitlonger From 1000DaysOfRamen to NealRauhauser and OccupyRebellionMay 26, 2013

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - May 26, 2013

Birds of a feather…Ramen's judge of character isn't that great. Her tacit approval of Rauhauser's deadbeat dad status is disturbing.

The question is, why would she care what group other people choose to join?


1000 Days Of Ramen @1000daysoframen

26th May 2013 from TwitLonger

@NealRauhauser @OccupyRebellion
the problem of UB is (and will always be ) the lack of a business plan & organization
the TGDN fear concepts they first sold as "truths" didn't sit well with me even the wording on their descriptions of UB lists when they first had trouble they didn't go into management mode - it was dealt with in a panic said volumes of lack of political savvy i was willing to let that pass too i actually joined but as far as i can tell the webapp just turns twitter more facebook-ish i passed the cauldron of stupid - well - i've addressed that but zach's tacit approval of their behavior is disturbing at the very least if uniteblue goes 501c4 then they can't support candidates the most they can do is "educate" but they don't ahve anyone with chops to educate on issues what the fuck do i need them for?
+ their bullshit scattershot political beliefs ...
why would any of us really use the webapp as anything but a socializing tool? · Reply

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