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Weinergate: STFU And Let It Go Already, Rauhauser Pastebin; Apr 28, 2012

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - April 28, 2013

This post by Neal Rauhauser appeared on pastebin. Rauhauser's "simple" explanation involves a lot of tinfoil. Neal was the one who insisted Weiner was hacked and framed.

Weinergate: STFU and let it go already

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First, Mike Grimm in NY-13 makes an inappropriate request for campaign donations to a rabbi, perhaps an actual extortion attempt. The rabbi goes to Anthony Weiner, who either reports the matter himself, or encourages the rabbi to do so. Either way, Grimm knows what happened, he knows Weiner was involved.

Then Grimm goes to his old friend, Ace of Spades, who brought a dozen people down (from Boston?) to canvas for him the last election. Ace is an screen play writer, and also enlisted are some of the following: Ken Danielli (@wittier), Aaron Walker (@AaronWorthing), Dustin Farahnak (@dust92), Pat Frey(@Patterico).

Weiner is pursued, set up, and Born Free Crew are a convenient vehicle for promoting the effort as well as good cover should things go badly. Neal Rauhauser, among others, notices the situation and things DO go badly.

Having been targeted by the beanies in a variety of ways, including a swatting attempt in 2010, Rauhauser knows their capabilities and what will draw their eye. Stack is lured into talking about swatting, he's a soft target, and he keeps talking until the beanies notice.  The most likely one for this is @angrypea, the one who ran the @ChrisWidenerUSA sock account. He successfully posed as a Tea Party Senate candidate from Washington, this included phone number spoofing on more than one occasion, and Wrecking Crew swallowed the bait whole, letting him into their inner circle for a period of time. See if Patrick Read will admit to how badly he got worked on this one.

Alternate explanation: the clumsy calls with incorrect address are one of the others (Dustin?) trying to stir up trouble WITHOUT actually getting Stack a police visit. Frey's lying about having been swatted and Ace's unwillingness to share any information would seem to reinforce this.

There is a constant background noise of menacing emails. Hello, Kid Kenoma – Cynthia Simms-Garcia, who seems to be Cindy S. Garcia these days, ably assisted by Matt in Australia. Someone help here – is his last name Harper? There is purportedly a third, Vinnie? That's less certain, but Cindy and Matt have been picking out vulnerable, unstable people on the net and driving them to psychotic breakdowns (confirmed) and perhaps suicide(rumored) for at least the last ten years.

Someone had been poking Brett Kimberlin for years, and that proves to be Seth Allen (@Prepostericity). He copies Pat Frey, Aaron Walker, Mandy Nagy, and Andrew Breitbart on a menacing email. Nagy is concerned enough that she snitches on Allen, he gets himself arrested in a Maryland court room a few days after, and then things start to go really, BADLY wrong.

Walker continues to poke Kimberlin. His name comes out, perhaps in December, but certainly in early January, when he gets himself arrested for assault outside a Maryland court room January 9th.

@BreitbartUnmask appears shortly after the Occupy Unmasked movie is announced. A patient, organized observer, this one allies itself with Rauhauser and @OccupyRebellion (certainly @DarrahFord, perhaps others voice it also), and it outs both Dustin Farahnak and Michelle Kerr, the developer behind the @AceofSpadesHQ web site. It isn't Rauhauser, 'Ford', Ron Brynaert (@ronbyrn), Lane Lipton (@qritiq) and it seems outside the norm for KidKenoma mischief.

Let's rule out a few players that keep getting pulled into this by those seeking to conceal what has happened:

Ron Brynaert (@ronbryn). Lucid at times, and other times not. He has done more than anyone to pick this mystery apart, but he is not the genesis of any of the sock puppets from the Weiner setup – that's someone from the choices of: Ace, Aaron, Dustin, Ken, Pat, and unknown female accomplice(s). He doesn't send threatening email from sock accounts, he doesn't engage in subterfuge using phones. He can be very aggressive in pursuit of information both in writing and verbally, but he never presents himself as anything other than what he is – an investigative journalist with a bug up his butt over this story.

“Darrah Ford” (@DarrahFord). Clearly on the autism spectrum – she exhibits concrete, literal thinking, she develops circumscribed interests, and in other ways she displays as not neurotypical. This person was dragged into the Weinergate saga and it became a focus for her, fueled by an older conflict with Stack. She formerly ran a blog that focused on the pornography industry, while Stack was a moderator at XXX Porn Talk. The particulars are murky but the origin is clear.

Jennifer George. This whole situation seems like a purposeful muddle to throw attention off the real perpetrators and this was pretty obvious from the beginning. Lee Stranahan (@Stranahan) flogs this for some mysterious purpose of his own, even after Frey banned him from over his digging into the backstory.

Neal Rauhauser (@NealRauhauser). Technically capable of rigging up something like Weinergate, but setting it up, then hobbling it before the job was done, losing his treasured DailyKos account in the process, and spending a year grinding on the others who were involved? He's published solid information on persona management and various network trickery, so why would he reveal himself when the job was nearly done? And at the root of it all an attack on a popular liberal Democrat makes no sense for someone in his position.

Tommy Christopher (@TommyXtopher). No way does a journalist agree to validate a complex hoax like the Weinergate teens, taking a major hit to his reputation in the process. He refuses to engage any of the people who still burrow in this rabbit hole and that is only suspicious in the minds of those who have a personal stake in obfuscating the situation. His unwillingness to touch this mess thwarts those who would try to spin his involvement.

So, the simple explanation is this:

NY-13 Congressman Mike Grimm attempts to shake down a rabbi and the victim goes to Anthony Weiner for help. Grimm learns of this and enlists Ace of Spades, who has traveled to the district to campaign for him, to get some payback.

Ace reaches out to Ken Danielli, Dustin Farahnak, Aaron Walker, and Pat Frey for assistance in the scheme. Someone voicing the Dan Wolfe sock puppet creeps up on Born Free Crew, gaining their assistance in both the pursuit and the media aspect of the operation. There isn't a clear link between XXX Porn Talk forum moderator Mike Stack and any of the women used in the stalking process, but this is immediately suspicious to anyone looking from the outside.

Things get messy during the endgame and we learn that Dan Wolfe, the pair of teenage girls, Patricia Reid, and John Reid are all sock puppets. Mike Stack is the anointed holder of the bag after the professionals flee the scene. Frey tries and tries to fix it after the fact, Mandy too, but it's just got too many aggrieved parties and too many intriguing subplots for it to die a speedy death.


A bunch of people hang around kicking the corpse of this operation for a variety of reasons. It putrefies and it starts poisoning everything in the vicinity. Consider the outcomes for those who presumably wanted to see Weiner's career ended:

Breitbart – dead, stress induced heart attack, via related events

Walker – outed, arrested. Job loss? It's not clear.

Farahnak – outed. Job loss here, too?

Allen – outed, sued, arrested

Frey – investigated once, slips through, then posts Nadia Naffe's dox, investigation city AGAIN

O'Keefe – Is Nadia Naffe going to be the one who finally brings him down?

Stack – outed, swatted

Kerr – outed

Everyone Draw Mohammed blog – removed after Walker outed.

Ace of Spades HQ – not sure what's up, but the site is down

Web sites with audiences that took years to build wiped out, operatives tied down, chewed up, and outed by the constant drama, jobs gone, reputations forever marked, civil and perhaps criminal troubles.

And if this does indeed trace back to Mike Grimm and NY-13 flips because of it that will truly be poetic justice.

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