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Karoli Verifies Simon Was In Control Of ConnectTheLeft Brand on TwitterMarch, 2013

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - March 03, 2013

This is an excerpt from Karoli's blog Drums and Whistles entitled Cleanup Over on Aisle #UniteBlue

It was nice of Karoli to apologize after publishing a blog accusing Simon of stealing ConnectTheLeft from Eileen. It would have been nicer had she done her fact checking before publishing.

Simon had proof that he started the Twitter account @ConnectTheLeft and purchased the website

The "communication issues" Karoli refers to would be the rush to judgement by ConnectTheLeft members who believed (and many still believe) rumors, lies and accusations rather than the truth.

"I originally contended that @EileenLeft was the owner of the ConnectTheLeft twitter account, based on her contention that she was. Subsequent to that, Simon (@SayethSimon) supplied a screenshot of his confirmation email from Twitter dated August 30, 2011 in his rebuttal, and then followed that up with a screenshot of a confirmation email received for the same account name on August 22, 2011 which ties with the date of creation given by this website.
The fine print is where you see that the account now known as @UniteBlue was created on August 22, 2011. A second account with the username ConnectTheLeft was created in August, 2012 at the time the original account name was switched to UniteBlue.

EileenLeft has been preoccupied with her son, who is having health problems and had a very difficult surgery yesterday. However, in the face of what Simon has presented, it seems clear to me that he had control over the account from its inception. I wish he had just said so from the start, but whatever the communications issues might have been, I see no reason to doubt what he provided as proof of ownership, and neither did the UniteBlue folks.

In Eileen’s defense, she was not simply “inactive,” either. She was actively maintaining a Tumblr blog with alphabetical lists of those who were part of ConnectTheLeft, and her most recent update was in what appears to be December (Tumblr doesn’t publish the date, just a sort of vague “two months ago” marker). Therefore, I think we may have a situation where both people were right about their individual contentions with one exception: Simon was always in control of the Twitter “ConnectTheLeft” brand.

If @EileenLeft has a rebuttal, I will gladly publish it here, but for now I accept Simon’s evidence on its face. You should consider my original post to be superceded by this one with regard to the issue of who controlled the twitter account. The website was never an issue for me since I didn’t even know there was a website."

-Karoli Kuns

I want to thank @Karoli for her post today, and for accepting my evidence for what I present it to be. No hard feelings.

.@SayethSimon When I'm wrong, I'm wrong. Not afraid to say so, and not afraid to correct it. Apologies for the accusation.
5:56 PM - 3 Mar 2013

.@SayethSimon ps. that apology was offered sincerely without scripting from the twitterverse. :)
5:56 PM - 3 Mar 2013

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