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Karoli And Political_Bill Discuss UniteBlue Feb 25th 2013

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - February 25, 2013
For The Record: Bill Talley aka @Political_Bill was a member of ConnectTheLeft, personally vetted by @EileenLeft.

Talley also served on the Advisory Board of UniteBlue very briefly but was removed from the organization as soon as her pending child porn charges were learned it was learnedhis court on March 9th, 2013. Talley is still on the ConnectTheLeft membership list.

MT @sweetangelface: Eeryone on Twitter would like to make money on social network, including twitter co & all 3rd parties #UniteBlue critics

@Political_Bill @sweetangelface I'm not interested in making money on social networks at all. Does that make me odd? Not really.

an affiliate of ActBlue should be doing this uniteBlue thing >>> #trusted & #wellEstablished @Karoli @Political_Bill @sweetangelface

b/c it is an established non-profit ALREADY facilitating support for blue efforts @Political_Bill @Karoli @sweetangelface

@21law @Political_Bill @sweetangelface as a matter of principle, there is absolutely no need to silo people on twitter.

@Karoli So you are against any group that uses twitter to rally followers, organize & mobilize? @21law @sweetangelface

@Political_Bill @21law @sweetangelface that oversimplifies. We began this with a discussion of profit ventures and social media. Not silos.

@Karoli You mentioned silos. I'm trying to understand why people I respect are afraid of an upstart? @21law @sweetangelface

@Political_Bill @21law @sweetangelface I am not afraid of it. I declined CTL and I decline this, for a number of reasons.

11:19 PM - 25 Feb 2013

@Karoli I read your post, I share most of the same positions, but not sure why attack them, not seeing the danger. @21law @sweetangelface

@Political_Bill @21law @sweetangelface I'm not attacking them. I'm simply at a loss to understand who they are or why I should trust them.

@Karoli Cool. But why shouldn't we? I'm not involved, but followed since they started. Motives appear genuine. @21law @sweetangelface

@Karoli Would love to see you engage them, think you might be surprised at their sincerity. Maybe reserve judgment. @21law @sweetangelface

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