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Neal Rauhauser Talks About The Kookpocalypse; January 7th, 2013

Posted By: ZiLe Ohai - January 07, 2013
Neal mentions "The Protectors" here. Supposedly The Protectors were Anonymous hactivists that saved the election of 2012. 

The Protectors sent a letter to Brett Kimberlin's Velvet Revolution to announce they saved the election. They told only Brett Kimberlin and Neal Rauhauser. Nobody had ever heard of The Protectors before then and nobody has heard from them since.  Probably because Neal and Brett have been busy with other things.
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7th January 2013


n2ch2 Kookpocalypse

Kookpocalypse Now!

The Kookpocalypse was publicly unveiled on February 6th, 2012 and its tentative conclusion will be the election on November 6th. Many of the events detailed here date back to the months before the 2010 midterm and it’s increasingly obvious we’re going to have a long postscript as we tie off various loose ends. There was formerly a page entitled “The Twilight War”, a name that never really caught on outside the small circle of participants, so Kookpocalyspe it is.

I published Conspiracism & Competence on January 23rd, outlining the methods I intended to employ against the indecent band of teabagger trolls and their handlers, who had plagued me almost eighteen months. I gave them my playbook in advance, they still fell for every single trick I pulled.

A Parting Explanation was published September 15th, revisiting the methods, and on October 27th Revisiting A January Prophecy relates how my methods can be deployed by anyone troubled by some ignorant, paranoid fringe right hate group.

The Compendium Of Trollish Behavior is an index of seven major efforts I have admitted. CYBERCOM calls this information warfare, but I will neither dignify nor enable the violent, paranoid fantasies of my foes. They acted stupid, I treated them stupid – this is the very heart of the way of the troll.

The relationship between the three major fringe right election related conspiracy theories (Twittergate, Weinergate, and Swatgate) is explained in the Gategate Scandal Compendium.

Some people are asking me what comes next.This is my fourth and final election cycle.

I was a foot soldier in 2006 and a cheerleader in 2008. I helped chase an anti-choice Democrat out of office and I helped a Hispanic Democrat hold his seat against the Tea Party tsunami of 2010. This year it appears that Brett Kimberlin and I were meant to be the October Surprise for the Obama administration. A small band of ferocious activists left a coast to coast trail of smoldering rubble behind them as they dealt with the sources of this fabrication.

Someone asked in email if the events described in the The Protectors Timeline had anything to do with the Kookpocalypse or any of my other hoaxes. I will answer both yes and no:

Yes – due to my long experience in dealing with the paranoid fringe right, my knowledge of hacker culture, and my contacts ‘in the business’, this story got routed to me – no one else had the network, the understanding of the lay of the land, or the sense of timing required.

No – I knew something was happening, I don’t know who did it, I don’t know what they did, as far as I knew it was purely a passive, investigative thing, I did not become aware that there was any sort of active work until November 7th, and I was not aware of the name ‘The Protectors‘ until I received the copy of the letter I posted November 15th.

So that’s that. The Protectors called certain events well in advance and with enough specificity that I am treating this as authentic, and lending my own curious position in the scheme of things to getting the story out there.

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